• A Sense of Time and Place

    A Sense of Time and Place

    Time and place are two unchangeable and non-replicable factors that make Champagne Champagne.

    From blends to Blanc de Blancs, vintages to varieties, there are many factors and decisions involved in the creation of a Champagne, and all affect the flavours you taste after the pop of a bottle.

    Join Master of Wine Dawn Davies as she guides you through a comparative tasting of six Champagnes that exemplify just how important terroir (place) and a vintage (time) are to the final product of a Champagne.

    Sample the two vintage Champagnes in Riedel's Veritas glasses, designed to enhance the wines' characteristics, and discover the importance of glassware.

    Delve deeper into the intricate (and oh-so-delicious) world of Champagne.


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