Champagne Show features some of the best free demonstrations in the champagne world, offering the opportunity to taste some of the finest and rarest cuvée's available today in the company of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Champagne Show 2022 masterclass timetable

6.30-7.10pm: Blanc vs Noir

This is the ultimate battle of the grapes! The Blanc de Blancs of the Champagne region will go up against the Blanc de Noirs – Pinot vs Chardonnay – where you decide the ultimate winner. Join Champagne expert Peter Crawford and award-winning Cellar Master Cyril Brun as they take on this mighty challenge.

7.30-8.10pm: Delving into Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier

Join Master of Wine, David Hesketh, and delve into the Champagnes of Laurent-Perrier's Grand Siècle.

  • Laurent Perrier Vintage 2012
  • Grand Siècle Iteration 23 
  • Grand Siècle Iteration 25

8.30-9.10pm: New Kids on the Block

With so many amazing new grower Champagnes on the market and many of the top houses not being able to fulfil demand, join us as we explore some impressive new kids on the block in the UK wine scene.

  • Delving into Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier

    Delving into Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier

    Take part in the ultimate Grand Siècle experience! David Hesketh MW will guide you on a journey through the Grand Siècle range by Laurent-Perrier. In this exclusive session, you will discover how ‘assemblage’ is crucial in crafting this unique multi-vintage Prestige Cuvée.

    Inspired by wine styles that combined the vibrancy of youth with the complexity of maturity, he believed nature in form of a single vintage was incapable of achieving his vision. Contrary to the norm in the 1950s when prestige cuvéestended to be single vintage Bernard innovates by blending three vintages and so creating a multi-vintage prestige cuvée. Central to realising this vision are: a majority of Chardonnay, blending three outstanding vintages, selecting only grapes from a limited number of Grands Crus and prolonged lees ageing prior to release. Grand Siècle was first released in 1959 and to date the House has released only 25 blends, called « Iterations », where the vision of this perfection is recreated every time.

    The Line-Up

    • Laurent-Perrier Vintage 2012
    • Grand Siècle Iteration 23
    • Grand Siècle Iteration 25
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