The Frerejean Taittinger brothers
The Frerejean Taittinger brothers

The three Frerejean-Taittinger brothers build on the deep entrenched family heritage and local expertise to create craft Champagne inspired by modern luxury. 

In a quest for authenticity and purity, Frerejean Frères use small-scale production methods that respect the land and only work with varietals from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards.

Crafting a bottle of Frerejean Frères takes at least five years, and up to twelve years for some cuvées, like the Extra Brut 2006 (18 Jancis Robinson). This immense dedication to the aging process allows minimal dosage for the finer notes of the terroir to shine through. Frerejean Frères Champagnes are wines of luxury and character; both complex and elegant.


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