Perrier-Jouët's tête de cuvée, Belle Epoque
Perrier-Jouët's tête de cuvée, Belle Epoque

It was in 1811 that Pierre-Nicolas Perrier married Adèle Jouët, thus marking the genesis of the House of Perrier-Jouët. Characterised from the outset by its uncompromising standards, the House was a pioneer in the field of traceability and the fight against counterfeiting.

After the fashion of the great Champagne Houses, Perrier-Jouët was the first to display the year of the vintage on its bottles. And if, as sometimes happens, the harvests do not meet its exacting quality standards, the House opts for quality and abandons production. No compromise is brooked. A number of wines from remarkable years have been selected and consigned to the silence of the cellars.

The Perrier-Jouët family has owned vines in Champagne since the early 18th century. Down the decades, this heritage was enriched with discernment and precision, based on the style the family wished to adopt for its wines. The excellence of the raw materials has always been a major preoccupation, and particular attention is given to the noble Chardonnays, which lend such particular character to the House wines.

The house's quest for perfection guarantees Perrier-Jouët its rightful place at the most prestigious tables. Not to mention the royal courts of Napoleon III or Queen Victoria. Since Princess Grace of Monaco declared the bottle with the iconic anemone to be her favourite champagne, Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque has accompanied the Rose Ball for many years.

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