By buying a ticket to Champagne Show, you agree to abide by these common-sense guidelines which have been designed to ensure a convivial, safe environment for everyone at the show.

  1. The Whisky Exchange unequivocally promotes and encourages responsible drinking by all visitors to Champagne Show.

  2. The legal drinking age in the UK is 18 years old but varies around the world. People joining Champagne Show should be legally allowed to drink in the country from which they are joining the show.

  3. The show is all about champagne, education, fun and enjoyment – not excess. In this respect, the show organisers believe in quality over quantity.

  4. Virtual attendees are strongly encouraged to eat before and during the show.

  5. As well as eating, attendees are encouraged to drink plenty of water in between samples and take regular breaks from tasting during the show.

  6. The show organisers encourage the use of spittoons while tasting during Champagne Show.

  7. The show organisers encourage attendees to interact with other attendees and guests of Champagne Show, but request that you are respectful of other people, their beliefs and opinions.

  8. If you see people engaged in disruptive behaviour, please let us know by sending a direct message within the show platform to the show organisers: David Felice, Oana Birgean and Eilidh Little. You can also email [email protected]

  9. If you engage in disruptive behaviour, you will be removed from the current session of the show. Repeated offences will lead to being banned from the rest of the show.

  10. When using video or screen sharing, the display of inappropriate imagery is forbidden. It will lead to at least being removed from the current session of the show and potentially to being banned from the rest of the show.

  11. Events happening on the Main Stage and in the Sessions area will have their video and audio recorded. If you attend, you will only be recorded if you request to join the video chat. If you are happy to have just your audio recorded, please leave your camera switched off if you join the video chat.

  12. Brands may also record their sessions – they will announce this at the beginning of a recording session, and will let you know if you ask whether they are currently recording.

  13. The above guidelines, if followed correctly, should greatly enhance visitors’ enjoyment of the show.

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