For three days, the UK’s foremost Champagne festival will be going online to talk about and taste the world’s best-known and most-loved sparkling wine. We invite you to delve deeper into the exciting world of Champagne, and to learn from celebrated houses like Pol Roger and Veuve Clicquot, as well as hidden gems such as Henri Giraud and Veuve Fourny et Fils.

The Whisky Exchange's Head Buyer, Dawn Davies MW, has also put together a collection of talks and tastings for Champagne connoisseurs and novices alike. From Champagne 101 – How It’s Made and The Rise of Rosé to Blanc de Blancs – Elegance Personified and A Tale of Three Ladies, there will be something for everyone!

Sessions will be added as they're confirmed! 

Thursday 19 November

The Whisky Exchange


Starts at 5pm - Thu 19 Nov

Join Dawn Davies MW as she opens The Whisky Exchange: Virtual Champagne Show 2020

The Whisky Exchange

Sustainability and Climate Change

Starts at 5.15pm - Thu 19 Nov

Climate is everything when growing grapes, especially in cooler regions like Champagne. This year was the earliest recorded harvest date in the region, and with summers set to get hotter and weather patterns changing, find out how Champagne is dealing with the changes and working the land and wineries to build a more sustainable future with Dawn Davies MW will be joined by Christian Holthausen - Champagne AR Lenoble and Jean-Rémi Barris - Vine Trail.


An Introduction to Champagne Gosset

Starts at 5.30pm - Thu 19 Nov

Cellar Master Odilon de Varine talks about the identity and style of Champagne’s oldest wine house and introduces their three signature wines.

Champagne Henri Giraud

Hommage au Pinot Noir, Aÿ Grand Cru and the Family Giraud

Starts at 6pm - Thu 19 Nov

For 14 generations, the family Giraud have been connected to the unique terroir of Aÿ Grand Cru. Find out how and why “Hommage” completes the connection through tradition and modernity working hand in hand.

The Whisky Exchange

Champagne 101 - 'Grape Expectations'

Starts at 6.30pm - Thu 19 Nov

Seven different grape varieties may be used in Champagne, but the main ones are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. In this masterclass, we’ll take a look at how each of these grapes affects the style of Champagne and why they are so often blended. A fantastic way to expand your knowledge and explore the terroir and grape varieties that make Champagne what it is.

Perrier Jouet

Perrier-Jouët Salon de Café

Starts at 7pm - Thu 19 Nov

Grab yourself a glass, pull up a comfy chair and join Jonathan ‘Jonny Fizz’ Simms, UK Ambassador for Champagne Perrier-Jouët and his able assistant Georgina ‘Bubbles’ Townend for a sparkling chat about all things Perrier-Jouët. Santé!

Pol Roger

Champagne Pol Roger Six Generations of Family

Starts at 7pm - Thu 19 Nov

Hubert de Billy reflects on what it means to be a part of a family business dating back to 1849 and how family is integral to the quality and style of Champagne Pol Roger.

The Whisky Exchange

Grower Champagne Masterclass

Starts at 7.45pm - Thu 19 Nov

A grower is someone who both owns the land on which the grapes are grown, and produces the wines themselves. This session looks at the benefits of Growers’ Champagne, and how it is leading to wines that are fantastic value for money. Dawn Davies MW will be joined by Matt Wilkin - H2Vin and Master Sommelier Xavier Rousset -TRADE.

Friday 20 November

The Whisky Exchange

Legislation - Protection of a Name

Starts at 5pm - Fri 20 Nov

The appellation body has fiercely guarded the name of Champagne all over the world, creating not only a quality level which products must adhere to, but also a brand that is recognizable the world over. Discover how and why this AOP was created and how it has helped the region protect its true sense of place and quality.


Champagne Gosset: The art of ageing with Odilon de Varine.

Starts at 6pm - Fri 20 Nov

To mark the release of Gosset 12 ans de cave a minima, cellarmaster Odilon de Varine will discuss the concept of time and how it relates to the wines Gosset produces.

The Whisky Exchange

Champagne 101 - 'How It’s Made'

Starts at 6.30pm - Fri 20 Nov

The cellar is where the magic happens in Champagne! From pressing the grapes to aging the wines, find out all about how Champagne is produced by looking at three very different wines from the region.

Pol Roger

A comparative tasting of Pol Roger Brut Vintage 2008 and 2012. James Simpson MW and Will Dennison (MW student) conduct a tasting of two different vintages.

Starts at 7pm - Fri 20 Nov

Champagne Pol Roger has long observed the tradition of not releasing a vintage-dated champagne unless the climatic conditions permit the production of grapes of outstanding ripeness. A vintage champagne must, above all else, be a balanced champagne. This balance depends on the right blend of healthy grapes, a good potential alcohol and correct acidity. The first criterion for declaring a vintage wine is its capacity to age. Devotees who have the patience to age their champagnes are rewarded with a more complex and richer wine.

Veuve Fourny et Fils

A Family, A Clos, A Premier Cru

Starts at 7pm - Fri 20 Nov

Join Dawn Davies MW and Charles Fourny as we take a look at a growers champagne that puts Chardonnay and Vertus at the heart of everything they do.

The Whisky Exchange

Perrier-Jouët - Kitchen pantry flavour tasting

Starts at 7.45pm - Fri 20 Nov

Join Dawn Davies MW and Champagne Ambassador Jonathan Simms in this interactive tasting using your own pantry ingredients to understand and discover the flavours from the Champagne grapes along with what makes Perrier-Jouët cuvée its unique flavour profile.

Saturday 21 November

The Whisky Exchange

Blanc de Blanc - Elegance Personified

Starts at 12pm - Sat 21 Nov

Champagnes that are 100% Chardonnay are often revered for their elegance and quality. In this masterclass we’ll look at why Chardonnay is seen as the king of white grapes and what exactly it brings to the Champagne. Discover the wonderful world of Blanc de Blancs Champagne with three very different houses with Dawn Davies MW and Charles-Henry Fournay from Veuve Fourny et Fils.

The Whisky Exchange

Gosset - A house with quality and tradition at its heart

Starts at 1pm - Sat 21 Nov

Join Dawn Davies MW and Cellar Master Odilon de Varine as they get geeky talking about the production of Champagne and the house of Gosset

The Whisky Exchange

The Importance of Oak

Starts at 1.15pm - Sat 21 Nov

This session will take a look at why more people are using oak in the first fermentation of Champagne and how its use varies, from the addition of flavour to the importance of the interaction between the wine and oxygen. Dawn Davies MW will be joined by Sébastien Legolvet - Champagne Henri Giraud.

The Whisky Exchange

Prestige cuvees with Krug Grande Cuvee, Dom Perignon Rosé, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame and Dom Ruinart

Starts at 2pm - Sat 21 Nov

Join Champagne Ambassador Ethan Boroian and Dawn Davies MW as they take a look at the Prestige Cuvees of the LVMH stable, looking at why each house is so different and the what lies at the heart of their quality

The Whisky Exchange

Perfect Pinot

Starts at 2.30pm - Sat 21 Nov

Take a deep dive into the red grape that makes such beautiful white champagnes. How do you produce white wine from red grapes? This session will uncover the answer to this question and more, as well as an exploration of exactly what Champagne’s red grapes bring to a blend.

The Whisky Exchange

Champagne Leadership in Sustainability

Starts at 3pm - Sat 21 Nov

Take a closer look at what the Champagne region is doing to tackle sustainability and how they have gone from zero to the heros of the Sustainability movement within the wine world.

The Whisky Exchange

A homage to the Women of Champagne - Past, Present and Future

Starts at 3.45pm - Sat 21 Nov

Learn about the women of Champagne, how they shaped the region’s history and continue to do so today. Dawn Davies MW will be joined by Justin Liddle - Mentzendorff, David Hesketh MW - Laurent-Perrier, Christian Holthausen - Champagne AR Lenoble and Maggie Campbell - President at Privateer Rum and MW student.

Perrier Jouet

Ask the expert!

Starts at 4pm - Sat 21 Nov

A chance for you to ask anything and everything you always wanted to know about Champagne, La Maison Perrier-Jouët and challenge Jonny Simms!

The Whisky Exchange

The Rise of Rose Champagne Masterclass

Starts at 5pm - Sat 21 Nov

Rosé has soared from zero to hero in the last 15 years. Journey through three different variations of this popular style to discover how rosé Champagne is made and how styles differ throughout the region.

The Whisky Exchange

Champagne of the Year Past Winners Tasting Collection

Starts at 6pm - Sat 21 Nov

Every year we choose a different Champagne of the year - join TWE Head Buyer Dawn Davies MW on a trip down memory lane.

The Whisky Exchange

Charles Heidsieck – A world of Elegance and Indulgence

Starts at 6pm - Sat 21 Nov

Join cellar master Cyril Brun and Dawn Davies as they look at what goes into creating Charles Heidseick and the importance of balancing innovation and tradition

Perrier Jouet

Fizzy Quiz with Perrier-Jouët

Starts at 7pm - Sat 21 Nov

Saturday night quiz the Champagne way! Show off your Champagne knowledge and get a chance to win some wonderful prizes! 1st prize Magnum of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé 2010, 2nd prize a Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV Magnum, 3rd prize 4 tickets to Champagne Show 2021!

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