Champagne Pommery is at the heart of the Vranken-Pommery Monopole Group.

Established in 1976 by Paul-Francois Vranken, the VPM Group is committed to it's corporate social responsibility and is proud to have been awarded the double certifications of 'sustainable viticulture in champagne' and 'high environmental value'. By respecting the ecosystem VPM uses 0% of herbicides in Champagne, as part of its drive for responsible viticulture.

Pommery & Greno was founded in 1836, but it was the highly entrepreneurial Jean-Alexandrine Pommery, who took over the running of the business in 1858, that transformed Champagne Pommery into an international brand. Madame Pommery set about to produce a different style of wine. One that was not excessively sweetened. A wine of 'joyful lightness'. Madame Pommery created the 'first brut champagne', successfully launching it in 1874. Today, Pommery's 10th Chef de Cave, Clément Pierlot decribes the Pommery style in just three words; freshness, vivacity and finesse. 


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