Laurent-Perrier was the first family-owned independent Champagne House.
Established in Tours sur Marne in 1812, the House has been built around 4 strong convictions.

Champagne is based on the art of blending: the blending of grape varieties, the blending of Crus and the blending of years. Beyond rare vintages, Laurent-Perrier brings this art to a peak with Grand Siècle. Chardonnay is the basis of the Laurent-Perrier style. This variety which is very often the majority, brings Brut Sans Année from “La Cuvée” to the House's champagnes with the most prestigious Cuvées bringing the freshness, the elegance and purity which are much sought after and make the Laurent-Perrier style so distinct.

An innovator in Champagne, Laurent-Perrier was the first House to offer the successive breakthrough Cuvées of Grand Siècle, Cuvée Rosé, Ultra Brut and Alexandra Rosé Millesimé.

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