Taittinger’s unique 4th Century Roman cellars, awarded UNESCO status in 2015
Taittinger’s unique 4th Century Roman cellars, awarded UNESCO status in 2015

Champagne Taittinger has origins dating back to 1743 when the esteemed Champagne house was founded by Jacques Fourneaux. The Taittinger link was established in the early 1930s when Pierre Taittinger acquired the House. Today, it remains the only top House to be owned, and actively run, by the family named on the label. Headed up by Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, grandson of the founder and supported by his son, Clovis, and daughter, Vitalie, the family are committed to making wines of the highest, consistent quality, they consider their personal name on the bottle as a philosophy, and a guarantee.

Taittinger are also remarkable in that they own a significant number of vineyards, 288 hectares to be precise, making them the second largest vineyard owner in the region. This ownership ensures a regular supply of approximately 50% of Taittinger's annual needs, significantly more than the average. The remaining 50% come from carefully selected growers, some of whose links go back four generations. This provides them with quality control from vine to bottle.

With many of their fine Champagnes being matured in their magnificent UNESCO status, 4th century Roman cellars, the hallmark of these wines is the high percentage of Chardonnay used, which gives them elegance, delicacy, finesse and great drinkability.

In 2017, Taittinger planted its first vines in the English region of Kent. The first bottle should be ready in 2023.

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