Champagne is vast, spanning some 34,300 hectares over 5 departments and 319 villages. Despite this immense size, wines from a clutch of Grand Maisons are all most people know when it comes to the famed produce from the region.

There are, however, thousands of independent growers spread across Champagne, each working their own parcels of land, before harvesting, vinifying and bottling their own wines. Over 20 years we’ve built relationships with these unsung heroes and navigated the terroir to bring forth only the very finest cuvées.

We offer the UK's largest collection of Grower Champagnes, many available beyond the borders of France for the first time ever; small-batch, hand-crafted and hand-selected on merit, each bottle is unique and, collectively, they offer a journey of discovery into the richly rewarding world of artisan Champagne. It gives us enormous pride and satisfaction to share them with a wider audience.

The Line-Up

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