Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, chef de Cave
Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, chef de Cave

Roederer use organic practices in all their vineyards, and are certified organic in 120 ha, the same 120 ha which are actually farmed using biodynamic principles. Research into sustainable farming and climate change has been going on since 2000 and the results have greatly changed the way they work.  Respect for nature, terroir and the pursuit of taste underpins everything they do.

The range includes the Brut Premier NV and Carte Blanche demi sec NV, Brut Vintage, Rosé Vintage, Blanc de Blancs Vintage, Brut Nature Vintage, and of course the iconic Cristal and Cristal Rosé.  Cristal was the first prestige cuvee to be created, and was a commission from Tsar Alexander II of Russia to his favourite champagne house in 1876.  It was an iconic bottle design with a flat base and made from clear crystal. The distinctive wrapper is there to protect the wine from ultraviolet light.  Cristal Rosé was created in 1974

Research and innovation does not stop in the vineyard, the Cristal Rosé and Rosé vintage are made using the infusion technique rather than blending to ensure the combination of vibrant aromatics, freshness and a silken palate. The Blanc de Blancs and Brut Nature are bottled at a lower pressure to give a smaller mousse and creamy texture to these vibrant and crystalline wines.

The Line-up

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