Savour this 1998 Rare magnum at the show
Savour this 1998 Rare magnum at the show

A heat wave like one never seen before struck France in the summer of 1976. Could it be possible to produce a cuvée worthy of the Maison under such conditions? After all, such an extraordinary event could produce an extraordinary cuvée.

Thanks to their expertise and creativity, several men skilled in the art of winemaking transcended the disaster and tamed the unbridled natural forces that year to produce a cuvée of exquisite purity. It is known as Rare, in tribute to the events behind its creation.

Since then, the Rare years where Nature unleashes its forces, a new cuvée is born” (Rare 2002 has been crowned International Wine Challenge ‘Champion of Champions’ for the last two years, whilst Rare 1998 won the very same trophy in 2015. Cellar Master Regis Camus has been named International Sparkling Winemaker of the Year a record 8 times!)

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