Created by architect Giovanni Pace, the modern headquarters of Janisson ©Fred Laures
Created by architect Giovanni Pace, the modern headquarters of Janisson ©Fred Laures

Descending from a long line of wine-makers (he is a 5th generation grower), Manuel is forward-thinking and resolutely passionate about developing and enriching the family tradition.

Manuel made the move from a grower to a champagne ‘house’ in 2014 when he launched his new range of Janisson champagne, but this is not an overnight decision, it had been planned since the early 00’s and he had been working on his wines, his house and his brand for almost 15 years. With the help of architect Giovanni Pace, Manuel Janisson based his Champagne House in a sleek, modern cellar; reflecting the style of his new cuvées.

The majority of the vines owned and managed by the House of Janisson are located in Grand Crus and the cuvées use only chardonnay and pinot noir. Manuel and his winemaking team work together to create the champagnes which distinguish the style of the House. They have at their disposal a wide range of reserve wines each with an individual personality and Manuel firmly believes each cuvée is a result of how each of the different wines blend and complement each other.

Manuel is forward thinking and very modern in is approach and outlook. He appreciates the ‘heritage’ of champagne but feels firmly that a modern approach and style is just as relevant. The 12m deep cellars at Champagne Janisson are concrete (rather than dug from the local chalk like other houses) but rather than shy away from this, Manuel is immensely proud of them. For him, Champagne is as much about the future as about the past.


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