Champagne Geoffroy
Champagne Geoffroy

This grower producer in the Vallée de la Marne is one of the best Champagne winemakers, despite being a relative newcomer - only vinifying its grapes since the 1950s. The majority of the vines owned by Champagne Geoffroy are in premier cru parcels in the family’s traditional home, Cumières, but current owner Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy set up a basket press and gravity-powered cellar in Aÿ to back up the label’s low-intervention growing methods and produce wines of wonderful freshness and authenticity.

In the vineyard intervention is kept at a minimum – they plough, to aerate the soil and avoid using herbicides, let multiple grasses varieties grow spontaneously, use organic manure and simply observe the vines. Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy’s champagnes are all about preserving the original and authentic freshness, as he strives to maintain as far as possible what nature has provided.

The resulting wines are Champagnes of great vineyard definition with incredible potential for cellaring; full of flavour with brilliant concentration.

The Line-up

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