Floriane Eznack, Cellar Master
Floriane Eznack, Cellar Master

From the moment Jacquart Champagnes are designed to the moment they are savoured, our Champagnes take time. Several years spent in our cellars impart balance and finesse. When you uncork a bottle of Champagne Jacquart, time stands still, inviting you to take a break and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Driven by a desire to respond to modern-day needs, we aim to make each tasting experience new and unique. Our youthful spirit suffuses each glass with hallmark finesse, the signature style of our house and its vineyards.

Each of our wines is crafted as a harmonious, elegant mosaic of flavours and fusion of our expertise, our passion and the outstanding quality of our vineyards. Meticulous blends of carefully selected growths, our Champagnes are born of encounters, just like the best friendships. They become fully meaningful when shared with the people we care about.


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